Novavax Signs Strategic Partnership with Catalent’s Paragon BioServices, Secures Company Future and 100’s of Jobs

By June 27, 2019News

Montgomery County Maryland’s Novavax has had a rocky road to say the least, and the latest failed Phase III RSV trial earlier this year put the company in a difficult position to recover from. Aside from the turbulent clinical path, the company is well known for the high caliber cGMP manufacturing assets, especially its talented workforce. For Catalent Biologics new Paragon BioServices division, this was exactly what they needed to aid their rapid expansion.

Paragon BioSevices has made many headlines this year with strategic moves that have propelled the company into a leading position within the gene therapy market. Therefore, this new strategic partnership with Novavax is right in line with their playbook.

The Baltimore-based CDMO has been hiring as fast as they can to meet the demand for their expertise in gene therapy, hiring around 90 in the first quarter along this year. Projections of 100-200 additional jobs at Paragon seemed almost impossible to fill in the current, competitive job market, so this acquisition for manufacturing assets and talent may have been the best way to meet their increasing workforce needs.

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