BioBuzz – 5 People in the BioHealth Capital Region You Should Know In 2021

By February 3, 2021News

2020 brought about a lot of growth across the BioHealth Capital Region (BHCR) as dozens of organizations responded with urgency to address the COVID-19 pandemic.  With 20% of the world’s vaccine leaders residing in the region, the BHCR has played a critical role in the pandemic response.  In Maryland, nearly $8 Billion in federal, private, and foundational funding has been invested in life sciences companies for coronavirus vaccine research and other immunotherapeutic developments.

The past year has seen several new leaders step into roles that will impact our biotech ecosystem’s growth and direction. Just as we highlighted 2020’s new leaders in the BHCR, we want to recognize the people in the Biohealth Capital Region that you should know in 2021

These new leaders are sure to help the many companies across our region raise capital, establish their growth plans, attract new talent, build collaborations, and help attract even more companies to our diverse ecosystem. Diversity is one of Maryland’s greatest assets

So, who are these people you should know in BHCR in 2021?

We’ve identified five new faces that we believe will play prominent roles that will influence and shape the future of the BHCR.

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