Genealogies of Central Maryland BioHealth Companies

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As the 21st century dawned, Maryland Technology Development (TEDCO) and the Maryland Department of Business and Economic Development (DBED) commissioned a set of studies – published in 2002 and 2004 – of the “genealogies,” or family histories, of companies in the bioscience, medical instruments, and bio/medical/health informatics sectors.1 Marsha Schachtel, current Principal of MRBS LLC, and her graduate student research assistants at the Johns Hopkins Institute for Policy studies undertook the work. This report summarizes an analysis of a recent update by MRBS LLC of these inventories.

At the midpoint of the second decade of the 21st Century, the seed corn in Maryland’s research institutions remains at healthy levels. The rates at which it has been drawn down and planted and nurtured successfully have accelerated. The investments in new eco-friendly fertilizers such as mentors and growth accelerators have paid off. The new crop of biohealth companies is thriving.

Central Maryland BioHealth Innovation Index

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The Economic Alliance of Greater Baltimore and BioHealth Innovation Inc. are pleased to present this BioHealth Innovation Index for Central Maryland. This Index report was developed to assess and articulate the performance of the BioHealth industry sector contributing to the region’s world-class innovation economy. The Index is a comprehensive analysis that examines the region’s strengths along with those areas which present opportunity for economic growth.

Innovation is a dening feature of economic growth in the modern economy. Indeed, one of the fundamental facts of innovation-based growth is that it is possible most anywhere when fostered with patience and creativity. Innovation comes in many forms and occurs differently in markets throughout the world. It is a fundamental element of social progress and economic growth, and is only possible thorough our quest for knowledge and our willingness to collaborate and share experiences.

Virginia Bio

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Virginia Bio is your connection to life science innovators, investors, policymakers and emerging talent within the state.  On our website, you’ll find exciting industry news and up-to-date information on ongoing research, bioscience and supporting companies, job opportunities, and events .  Whatever your needs, Virginia Bio is here to connect you with members of the innovative bio community across the commonwealth.

Inova Health System, UVA Plan Comprehensive Research and Education Partnership

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Inova Health System and the University of Virginia announced today that they have agreed to form a comprehensive research and education partnership. The institutions will collaborate on research, medical education and the recruitment of eminent researchers, scientists and investigators to the commonwealth of Virginia to facilitate health innovations. Together, they will put Virginia at the forefront of discovery, working to advance the science of precision medicine and improve the health of the commonwealth’s citizens…

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We are pleased to announce that Greenfield/Belser has won the BioHealth Capital Region logo competition.  Several members of their creative team contributed to the winning design:

The winning icon is a modern and vibrant rendition of a double helix that also gives a nod to the geography of the BioHealth Capital region, with the diamond shape of DC in the center. The blue and green colors connote health and vitality. The blue right-pointing arrowhead echoes the tagline: Advancing Science/Accelerating Innovation.

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With one of the largest, most robust pipelines in the industry — including more than 120 research projects and product candidates, we are focused on three core therapeutic areas: Oncology; Respiratory, Inflammation and Autoimmune; and Cardiovascular and Metabolic Disease. But, we also are opportunity-driven in Infectious Disease.

BioHealth Innovation

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BioHealth Innovation is a regional innovation intermediary that accelerates and facilitates technology transfer and commercialization of market-relevant research in federal labs, universities, and biohealth companies in the Region.  It is a private-public partnership in the form of a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit that connects the Region’s innovation assets to provide integrated technical knowledge, financial means and entrepreneurial/managerial expertise to turn promise into prosperity for the region while advancing human health.

BHI will accomplish its mission by building an entrepreneurial ecosystem, working directly with federal and academic technology transfer offices, making various types of risk capital readily available to promising biohealth startups, strengthening and connecting the local supply of industry talent, developing a regional brand and reputation, and advocating for improved business and regulatory conditions in the industry.


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