BioBuzz: Good News Stories Emerging from the Capital Region Show Solidarity Amid Coronavirus

By March 31, 2020News

Endless social media scrolls, 24/7 news channels, newspapers, and radio waves are inundating the public with scary COVID-19 statistics, harrowing tales of medical workers on the front lines of the coronavirus battle, a roller coaster ride stock market and images of empty grocery store shelves and panicked shoppers.

Yes, there is a lot of bad news out there. But there’s also a lot of good.

There’s a national commitment to social distancing and sacrifice to protect the most vulnerable members of society. There are tiny acts of everyday kindness in neighborhoods that go unreported. There are virtual happy hours happening on Zoom and Facetime across the globe. There are family get-togethers done via Skype. First, in family history, virtual birthday parties for kids, parents, and grandparents are happening every day.

Most importantly, there are hundreds of thousands of healthcare workers who continue to go to work every day, putting themselves and their families at a higher risk of contagion, to help treat patients, save lives and fight this pandemic. These medical superheroes represent countless acts of good each and every day across the nation, and the world.

The thing about humans is that when times are the toughest, our fundamental humanity becomes the clearest. In many ways, the kindness and generosity and togetherness we’re all experiencing in some way is reminiscent of the terrifying and confusing days and months after 9/11. The U.S. got sucker punched and knocked down, but we collectively dusted ourselves off and immediately started looking for ways to help our neighbors despite the pain and fear we felt.

Unfortunately, good news doesn’t always get ratings or sell newspapers.

So at BioBuzz, we’re going to fill that good news gap by reporting on some of the amazing and selfless work that’s happening in the healthcare and life science community of the BioHealth Capital Region (BHCR).

Here is the BHCR COVID-19 Good News Roundup for March:

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