Praduman Jain, BS, MS

By December 30, 2016

Praduman Jain is the principle investigator (PI) of the Participant Technology Systems Center (PTSC), Precision Medicine Initiative (AllofUs Research Program), at the National Institutes of Health (NIH), a $85 Million grant to build a platform for bio-informatics research and health data insights for 10 Million consumers across the U.S. in their health journey. Mr. Jain is also the Chair of security board of the Committee on Access, Privacy & Security (CAPS) of NIH AllofUs program.

Mr. Jain is also the Founder and CEO of Vibrent Health, an organization providing consumer-centered Learning Health System (LHS) for precision medicine and digital therapeutics. This technology platform for personal and population health management enables applications in clinical research and healthcare delivery. Prior to founding Vibrent, Mr. Jain held various senior leadership roles at Sprint, Nextel, AOL, Time Warner and VTech and launched emerging products and services with revenues of $2+ Billion. Mr. Jain holds several patents and M.S., B.S. degrees in Electrical Engineering. Mr. Jain is also leading a public private partnership around “Bringing Data to Life – Consumer Directed Precision Health”.

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