John Mumm, PhD

By January 2, 2017

John received an MS from Stanford University and both an MS and PhD from MD Anderson Cancer Center where he discovered that IL-10 directly activates anti-tumor CD8+ T cells. John conducted post-doctoral work for a year at DNAX Research Institute and became a Scientist at Schering Plough where he developed PEGylated IL-10 (AM0010) as an immunoncology asset. He then founded Targenics, later merged with ARMO BioSciences (now a publicly traded company), to clinically develop AM0010 and other immune oncology assets. As a founder and Senior Director of Technical Operations at ARMO, John lead the manufacturing and pre-clinical research teams.

John is currently the Director of Immunoncology R&D at Medimmune LLC and is the author of 27 peer reviewed manuscripts and 18 granted or pending patents. Due to working through all of his education, John has over 20 years’ experience with a variety of biotechnology, (Anergen Inc., Introgen Inc., Bacterial Barcodes, DNAX Research Institute, Targenics Inc., ARMO BioSciences, ACIR BioSciences) and pharmaceutical, (Schering Plough, Merck Inc., MedImmune LLC) companies.

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