Andrew Ishizuka, PhD

By December 29, 2016

Andrew Ishizuka, Ph.D., is co-founder and CSO of Avidea Technologies. Avidea is a Maryland-based biotech focused on vaccines and immunotherapies. Avidea combines expertise in synthetic chemistry and immunology to systematically enhance the delivery and activity of immune-active drugs through its proprietary “Nanoscaffold” delivery platform. Andrew oversees the pre-clinical proof-of-concept animal testing and translational studies for Avidea’s lead program: a personalized cancer vaccine comprising patient-specific neoantigens delivered in self-assembling nanoparticles. Prior to joining Avidea, Andrew was a post-doctoral fellow with Robert Seder at the Vaccine Research Center, NIH. Andrew has a B.S. in biochemistry from the University of Washington, attended medical school at Duke University, and has a Ph.D. from Oxford University through the NIH-Oxford-Cambridge program.

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