Sean J. Hart

By April 3, 2019

Dr. Hart is a highly accomplished leader, innovator and scientist who has developed transformative, cutting edge technologies throughout his career. In 2012, Dr. Hart founded LumaCyte, a revolutionary biopharmaceutical research, instrumentation, and bioanalytics company. LumaCyte offers biopharmaceutical and biomanufacturing companies an advanced label-free approach to single cell analysis and sorting. Dr. Hart led his team over a 12-year period of development at the Naval Research Laboratory (NRL), managing approximately $15M in initial funding, where the core technologies underlying LumaCyte’s products were born. As the original inventors of this novel technology, Dr. Hart and his team have pioneered the scientific advances that have enabled label-free single cell analysis and sorting to be a reality today.

Dr. Hart’s leadership and drive have been cornerstone to LumaCyte’s success and global growth trajectory. His tenacity has been instrumental from corporate inception, accelerating product development and corporate operations, to supporting business development and ongoing R&D.  He also serves as LumaCyte’s Chairman of the Board. Dr. Hart expects that LumaCyte’s innovative Laser Force Cytology technology will transform personalized medicine, as LumaCyte products may be used to advance customized patient treatments, enabling a more efficient and effective approach in accelerating therapies and find cures.

Dr. Hart has authored 60+ peer reviewed journal articles, numerous invited and contributed presentations, as well as 8 patents issued and 12 pending.  Dr. Hart has extensive experience in a diverse range of research areas including spectroscopy, fiber-optics, laser trapping and separation, optical engineering, chromatography, chemical and biochemical separation, multivariate statistical data analysis/calibration, artificial intelligence and machine learning. Dr. Hart received his PhD in Chemistry from Tufts University in 1998.  Dr. Hart resides with his wife, Renee, and their three children, Rowan, Sinclaire and Harrison on a farm in Keswick, Virginia.

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