Ethel Rubin

By March 27, 2019

Dr. Rubin works with bio and med tech companies to hit valuation inflection points, achieve strategic goals and prepare for product launch. Leading a ventures team at NIH, her focus is on ensuring investment readiness of SBIR companies. Dr. Rubin has previously held corporate leadership roles in global clinical strategy and medical affairs at Medtronic, plc, was Chief Scientific Officer of BioFortis, Inc. (acquired by Quintiles-Quest JV) and CSA Medical, Inc., is President of life sciences business development advisory firm Innovative BioStrategies, LLC, and a venture partner at FundRx. She has over 25 products in the marketplace garnering 9 figure sales revenue, was instrumental in multiple M&As, partnerships & collaborations, and advises over 50 CEOs in preparation for seed to series B financing each year. Ethel has held board seats at tech incubators and numerous business Advisory boards.  Dr. Rubin earned a PhD in Biochemistry and Biophysics from the University of Rochester School of Medicine & Dentistry and a certificate in corporate governance for Board of Directors service from The George Washington University School of Business.

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